Senior Rig Electrician

  • Date: 29 September 2017
  • Deadline: 15 July 2018
  • Work conditions: Full time
  • Location: Baku
Job Description
  • To ensure timely technical maintenance and repair of all electrical equipment; to investigate failures and to present reports with actions on eliminating these failures;
  • To approve control-preventive programme of the repair group; and to implement the requirements of the procedures based on the instructions given by supervisors;
  • To control operation of the measuring equipment; to provide their regular check and inspection;
  • To report about the status of the spare parts and tools for the purpose of preserving the condition of the electrical equipment;
  • To advise about changes in the system or in the procurement methods for the purpose of strengthening the supply chain or system safety, developing  the drilling performance or complying with the determined norms and regulations;
  • To provide onshore engineers with the information about the activities of the technical maintenance team;
  • To implement tasks based on the operational requirements, as a member of the technical maintenance team;
  • To perform checking for the purpose of determination of the technical condition of the electrical equipment that comes into the warehouse, comes from the platforms and is returned from the repair;
  • To put forward technical recommendations for the protection of drilling tools and units;
  • To complete any other reasonable tasks as delegated by Supervisor;
  • If necessary, to attend onshore or offshore departmental meetings and additional trainings.
  • To secure oneself and colleagues during the work process;
  • To attend all company’s training courses and meetings related to safety, firefighting and evacuation;
  • To comply with the safety procedures implemented by the company;
  • To attend safety inductions and to be aware of the planned drills and relevant works;
  • To take immediate actions and report to direct supervisor on any actual and potential danger to health, safety and equipment on site;
  • To plan all works under supervision ahead of time, to evaluate risks, to inform relevant parties during pre-work meetings;
  • To perform an evaluation for the purpose of determination of the tasks implemented within the area under supervision.
  • To comply with ecological standards implemented in the company;
  • To manage and comply with the rules on wastes segregation based on Waste Management Procedure;
  • To be aware of ecological aspects related to work activities and to implement control measures.


  • Higher education;
  • Experience: at least 3 years;
  • Ability to work in a team;
  • English (Intermediate Level);
  • Software skills: MS Office (Word, Excel, Power Point, Microsoft Outlook).

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